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Otopeni, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Sorin Puran / PURAN Architecture&Design

Authors’ Comment

The client requested a design for a semi-detached housing project with a total area of about 300sqm, meaning that each housing unit was going to have 150-160sqm, enough for complying with a young family comfort and space requirements. Considering the efficient land development the houses have a compact geometry meaning that there is space for a parking place and a small back garden. The design symmetry is noticeable on the exterior esthetics, enliven by the cut outs and cantilever volumes. The finishes palette and the materials were kept to a minimum, choosing to exploit the contrast between the white plaster and the black metal elements.
Inside, the house has the spaces organized according to the level of privacy, with a living area occupying the ground floor while upstairs were laid out the three bedrooms and two bathrooms. According to each owner preferences the kitchen could be separated from the living room using a sliding door or the upstairs bedrooms could be rearranged for guests or for work. Each house needs storage and these one have plenty in the attic.

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