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Voluntari, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Sorin Puran / PURAN Architecture&Design

Authors’ Comment

This single house will be built on a property in Voluntari, on a very quiet street set back from the main access routes. In spite of the generous 1200sqm property area, the new house had to comply with the restrictions imposed by the aeronautics notice. This situation implied positioning the building near the street limit and in order to take advantage of the backyard, the rooms have north-east orientation. This should not become an inconvenient if the house envelope is properly insulated and the glazing is energy efficient. After all, it may prove to be a wise decision taking into consideration last years’ high summer temperatures.
The geometry of the building resembles an elongated two levels prism wrapped in dark-grey metal sheets. Windows are cut out from the main volume, recessed and emphasized using metal frames. The interior spaces are roomy, with a living area, storage, a bedroom and the garage on the ground floor while the night areas were isolated up stairs, with three bedrooms each of them having a bath and storage space.

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