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Balotesti, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Sorin Puran / PURAN Architecture&Design

Authors’ Comment

The property is in Balotesti, a new real-estate development area benefitting from a generous garden. The project aims to provide the family with a compact and energy efficient house, without having to compromise on the spaces quality and comfort. The building’s volume resembles a traditional gable roof while the metal sheet envelope acts like a general hood, descending to the ground level along the longitudinal facades. The sides are decorated using a wood and white plaster finish, nicely contrasting with the dark grey metal surfaces.
The house position was determined by the maximum quantity of sun light that was available and by the views towards the garden. On the gound floor, large glazed surfaces open up into covered terraces, shaded by the overall envelope, so that the family may spend time there almost all year long. The terraces act like transitions spaces, ensuring the connection with the garden. The house was designed to ensure optimum insulation and along with the heating system and the solar panels on the roof it will be an energy efficient building.

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