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București, România
Author: arch. Sorin Puran / PURAN Architecture&Design

Authors’ Comment

The architectural ambiance of the city centre is dominated by French Renaissance buildings such as the one chosen to accommodate this hotel that inspire with their gracious and elegant style. Upon entering the building ground-floor one is charmed by the intricate floral decorations, the gilded mouldings, the high ceilings and the skylights with coloured glass.
The interiors redesign was built upon the idea of combining the original decors with modern finishes: mosaics and metallic surfaces, mirrors and framed pictures, natural textiles and animal skin textures, in order to create a juxtaposition that will highlight the architectural qualities of the spaces.
Rooms were designed to provide comfort for the traveler and in the same time offer a refined look with details and materials that recreate the lush interiors of the French Renaissance buildings.
The chosen design was meant to offer to each tourist or client that passes through the hotel doors a glimpse of the beautiful architectural elements of the building and the opportunity to immerse into an atmosphere of bohemian comfort.

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