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Mogosoaia, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Sorin Puran / PURAN Architecture&Design

Authors’ Comment

Usually interiors tend to emphasize the owner’s personality and in this case we have a young man who’s a guitar enthusiast, spending his time with his friends playing different tunes. Given the circumstances, the three guitars are showcased in a specially designed furniture niche. The grey tones and the lacquered surfaces compliment the relaxed atmosphere of the room. Big posters and wire suspended lights enliven the room. Charcoal black fabrics highlight the windows and the couch area.
The masculine note given by the finishes’ cold tones is also kept in the bedroom, but in order to have some dynamism here and there a few touches of yellow mustard and turquoise were inserted. The room is airy and with few decorations in order to offer the much needed comfort and rest.
The bathroom is a combination of textures and colors. The flooring and one wall were covered with black slate, while the other walls were covered with wood boards. The woods color and texture offers warmth to the room while the large mirror surface multiplies the perspective creating the illusion of a larger space.

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