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  • Prize of the “Architecture and Public Space – Public Space Design” section

Exterior space VL173

București, România
Authors: arch. Jean Craiu, arch. Alexandra Demetriu
Collaborators: Arhitect peisagist: Alexandru Gheorghe, Poteca Studio

Authors’ Comment

Our proposal aims at recovering the original internal space quality through the insertion of a bespoke infrastructure perfectly adapted to the client’s brief.
The project is designed as a series of spatial interventions that revitalise the neglected building and re-introduce it to the public. The site limit on Vasile Lascar St. takes on ambiguous features: urban bench, lush planter and services housing unit, mobile gate that defines a new public square pocket in front of the house when fully open.
The strict budget limitations prompted us to be resourceful in the use of a restrained materials palette, organised in simple geometries only: metallic mesh and reinforced glass screens, green living walls, folded metal sheets.

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