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Design of an recreation area

București, România
Author: arch. Cristina Olga Gociman

Authors’ Comment

The Big Wheel (Roata Mare) and the amusement park adjacent to it were built around the 1960s, in order to create a public space for the entertainment of the masses within Herastrau Park. The topographic plan of Bucharest from 1978, pane 3-4, is attesting the existence of the Big Wheel and the playground around it, on the same location it was currently rebuilt. The Big Wheel is part of the landmarks of the metropolitan amusement parks in the world, like the ones in Vienna, Paris or London.
Herastrau Park is an historic monument recorded in the list of historic monuments updated in 2010 under position 827, code LMI B-II a-A 18802.
The Big Wheel, put out of service in 2014 out of security reasons, is bringing back a series of other specialized amusement objects, so necessary to an area destined for national entertainment as the big wheel, drop tower, bumper cars, trampolines, derby, kiddy rides, and theme installations.
Its emergence is conserving the amusement component of Herastrau Park, underlining the diversification of the entertainment technology and offering a special attraction to visitors.

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