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Refurbishment VL173

București, România
Authors: arch. Jean Craiu, arch. Alexandra Demetriu
Collaborators: Arhitect peisagist: Alexandru Gheorghe, Poteca Studio
Executant: Hera

Authors’ Comment

The story of the house on Vasile Lascar St. is the story of many a modernist houses in Bucharest: it has undergone numerous changes in ownership, usage and general configuration between 1946, when it was built, and 2014, when we were appointed to revitalize it. We found the house empty, in a derelict state: all the finishes stripped off by the passage of time. Our proposal aims at recovering the original internal space quality through the insertion of a bespoke infrastructure perfectly adapted to the client’s brief. The project is designed as a series of spatial interventions that revitalise the neglected building and re-introduce it to the public. Each one of the new spaces is accessed through a folded metal plate doorway that punctuate as thresholds and also set a functional hierarchy for the design, as connectors. We also designed the escape stairs, the bespoke panels for toilet cubicles, the bar and worktops, and the planted screens as elements that all reinforce the proposed spatial concept for the client’s brief.The strict budget limitations prompted us to be resourceful in the use of a restrained materials palette. The drive of the project was to initiate an elastic dialogue with the old house, inviting the fleeting manifestations of urban life, changing in accordance to these, and then re-morphing by design.

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