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Form Fusion Restaurant

București, România
Authors: arch. Jean Craiu, arch. Alexandra Demetriu
Collaborators: Arhitect peisagist: Alexandru Gheorghe, Poteca Studio

Authors’ Comment

Our proposal aims at recovering the original internal space quality through the insertion of a bespoke infrastructure perfectly adapted to the client’s brief. The project is designed as a series of spatial interventions that revitalise the neglected building and re-introduce it to the public.
The space assigned to the restaurant on the ground floor is wide and narrow, therefore we decided to amplify it visually and merge it with the outdoors urban pocket in front of the house by letting in the external landscape, the basalt pavers and the greenery. The original building fabric is highlighted by the monochrome palette of the proposed interventions: metal fixed furniture, basalt grey pavers, thin metal plinth that offsets the exiting brickwork from the smooth floor finish in the dining area. The strict budget limitations prompted us to be resourceful in the use of a restrained materials palette, organised in simple geometries only: metallic mesh and reinforced glass screens, green living walls, folded metal sheets.
All bespoke fittings and loose furniture are designed in the same industrial spirit: the bar lights are using cable containment trays, the table legs are metal flat clamps.

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