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Tourist center

Zarnesti, jud. Brașov, România
Author: Mihai-Andrei SUĂRĂȘAN
Tutor: conf.univ.dr.arh. Constantin Rusu Mircea Alexe

Authors’ Comment

The construction integrates and respects the principles established by "The Active House Alliance" for "active" constructions, namely the use of renewable energies, providing a comfortable indoor climate and protecting the environment.
Active systems used are: air-water heat pump, soil-water; solar panels; voltaic panels;
natural ventilation; mechanical ventilation with heat recovery; LED lighting.
The construction, designed as a tourist center, is located in the mountain area, near the town of Zarnesti.
The concept of the project is at the heart of man and his relationship with the natural environment; Integration into nature, opening to landscapes and the use of natural light.
Natural light played a decisive role in the project. The design maximizes the exposure to sunlight during the winter days.
Design was based on the principle that the environment is a finite resource and construction must not be permanent but reversible. Thus, the structure has a structural structure of prefabricated metal frames, with reinforced concrete foundations, and can easily be disassembled and recycled, restoring the site and reintegrating it into its natural environment.