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Terme Rudolf

Băile Herculane, jud. Caraș-Severin, România
Author: Cosmin GEORGESCU
Tutor: conf. dr. arh. Maria-Iulia Stanciu

Authors’ Comment

One can notice that the former Rudolf Hotel from Băile Herculane defines two zones with distinct characters. By defining its limits, the proposal aims to emphasize its introverted character and the building claims it as its own, protected rectangular garden, altered only by small objects.
While walking along the resort one experiences a spatial continuity in between different edifices that are linked through a sequence of porticoes, pedestrian crossings and bridges. The project respects the sequence, by continuing the circuit inside the courtyard through a new portico.
Its extension is pushed to the limits of the plot, generating in this way its particular shape. The cores of the extension define the caldarium, tepidarium and frigidarium are positioned structurally, while other rooms are placed non-hierarchical, defining also the space around as small social spots. The new thermal baths and the proposed restaurant get a separate access from the piazza that forms behind the site.