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Building a community. A social-philanthropic settlement in Mostiștea Valley

Măgureni, jud. Călărași, România
Author: Constantin CIOCÎRLAN
Tutor: dr. arh. Mihai Duțescu
ing. Mădălin Coman

Authors’ Comment

The project operates on two levels:the 1st level comprises the territorial development whereas the second one takes on the relationship with the significant elements of the site,trying to integrate them in order to create a monastic community adapted to the current social context. The monastery’s broader purpose means it’s able to function on a larger area, making it able to serve all the villages situated near the lake.The communist actions from the 80s which impoverished part of the population and the lack of any sort of rural social activities make it possible for a detailed architectural project to come in, designed for an orthodox monastery which has a shelter in its suborder meant for offering temporary accommodations to poor people. When looking at the big picture,the chosen architectural undertaking is one built from E-W in the following way:Housing for the assisted;The Monastery;The Church;The Winery.The N-S orientation of the buildings is due to the E-W orientation of their interior;by the need to separate the monastery and the secular spaces but there is also the need to delimitate the garden.The result consists in defining a system of spaces whose centre is the church.