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Platform for the creative industries

București, România
Author: Ionuț-Cristian VOINEA
Tutor: dr. arh. Dorin Ștefan Adam
ing. Gabriel Dănilă

Authors’ Comment

The project’s site is situated on Berzei street, which has recently been the subject of massive and aggressive urban renewal operations. The building on which the intervention takes place is the former Cehoslovaca textile factory (1935, arch. Roger Bolomey). The building became during time a local landmark in the collective memory of the residents.
The proposal consists of the restoration, conversion and extension of the factory into a platform for the creative industries and crafts, using the typology of the makerspace. The complex is going to host co-working spaces, workshops and a samples library.
The concept of the project is that of a gate that opens the private property towards the street. The new addition sets a dialogue with the old factory and tells the story of its erection, of its blind walls and so forth. Thus, a large part of the site becomes a public space, a pocket of the street. The spatial conformation of the project makes it act as a sponge for the public. The factory acts as an articulation that hierarchises the built mass and the unbuilt space around it, the extension being subordinated to it.