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Behavioural Health Center for Children

București, România
Author: Bogdan-Ioan GUIU
Tutor: prof. dr. arh. Marian Moiceanu

Authors’ Comment

The aim is to cultivate young people in order to benefit from a partnership in the future.
"Don't forget to look at the world through children's eyes!" Daniel Libeskind- Architect
Concepts: Child Friendly Cities Initiative / Learning trough "game and play”
"Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays." Johann Christoph
The modern city has the behavior of a laboratory, making experiments and generating hypotheses.
"Nature, not the machine, is the most important model for architecture" (Curtis, 1996 p. 453) .29
Architecture for children need identity. An object or a room has to have an impact on the child, this concept being called the “WOW effect”.
Mental development in children is achieved in stages, correlated with age and areas of interest.
Training can be done through various methods starting with simple and intuitive activities (play) to activities with rules (game) and using shapes, textures, colors or different sounds.
Another important factor in the child's development is outdoor activity. Nature provides an endless source of information as well as acknowledged benefits through sun exposure.