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Community Building In Barcut

Author: Irina SCOBIOLA
Tutor: prof.dr.arh. Gabriela Tabacu, lect.dr.arh. Lorin Niculae

Authors’ Comment

What does architecture do for people? How does architecture work with the limit in the current context?
Adding value to a place. Transforming the limit into the opening.
The project is an artistic process of understanding the profoundness of the profession and the purpose of design. A depth that goes beyond the object, the architect, and the ensemble. A depth demonstrating human existence and proposing architecture as an instrument of community founding, a background that fosters inter-human ties and provides authenticity.
Architecture is for others - a transparency to the world inside them. Provides identity. It favors the closeness of the self, the closeness of the environment and the rapprochement of the people. Near Făgăraş town, the village of Bărcut is threatened with depopulation, the severe degradation of the dwellings and their gradual disappearance. A rural area on the edge. It can be seen as a disadvantage from the perspective of national development. Cultural identity. History. Tradition. Revitalization involves the construction of a community and architectural spaces to be addressed. The proposed architecture offers space for dialogue in which the community can study, create, know, build friendships. Unit. Rhythm. Order. Three inserts answer the questions: community center, boarding house, handicrafts center.