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Re - Assemblage

București, România
Author: Mihaela SERBAN
Tutor: prof. dr. arh. Dorin Ștefan
șef lucr. dr. arh. Dan Dinoiu
prof. dr. ing. Ștefania Spanu

Authors’ Comment

Railways ensure connectivity but in the city they act as a strong limit,a negative wall generating separation and division between neighborhoods.Key points can be identified along this limit to serve as public landmarks.
My proposal will convert and extend the CFR Club building with a new construction.The Club and Cafeteria were the social anchor of the railroad neighborhoods,housing a hall for conferences and events,cinema, dance,ballet,canto.
The triangular shape of the site is dominated by three large ensembles, the most important being the CFR train depot.The South façade is defined by a large glass screen, curved by the circular volume of the depot to dissolve tension.SW orientation ensures the screen is flooded by natural light during the day and becomes a beacon of light at night.The North façade shows the industrial expression of the area through choice of materials and emphasizing exterior fire escapes.The two volumes are connected through a tall portico,while a long roof platform helps unite the different spaces into an ensemble,housing office spaces –individual and co-working spaces,workshops,conference/event halls,headquarters for the up growing social economy businesses.