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Timisoara - The lines-of-flight's Capital

Authors: arch. Arpad Zachi – editor, arch. Vladimir Vinea – coordonator si autor al textelor critice / Fundația Arhitext Design
Collaborators: Redactori: Mihai Medvedovici, Bogdana Popa, Laura Săbău-Tătar
Machetare și tehnoredactare: Bogdana Popa
Design: Faber Studio
Traduceri: WeTranslate, Ilinca Pop
Tipărit de: Master Print Super Offset

Authors’ Comment

Timisoara – The lines-of-flight’s Capital continues the critical exploration of contemporary Romanian architecture by the Arhitext Design Foundation. This time, the lines of flight originate in Banat. History is what determines the route: alongside Bucharest, Timisoara is the starting point for the reconstitution of the architectural professional culture after 1989. More than in other centers of Romanian architecture, here we see a historical continuity with both the recent past and the long history. Covering the 28 years since the Revolution, the thematic threads ramify and reunite; they intersect, interlace, and overlap. With moderation and looking for the right balance of the architectural gesture, the works reveal, in different ways, the modernity’s inherent tensions and constantly delayed possibilities. They do that with what often appears as a disarming serenity. For Timisoara’s culture, to be modern is what could be the more authentic, innate, and traditional.
1. Between models [modernism in postmodernity]
2. Inside the model [modernism in postmodernity]
3. Tectonic and construction
4. Living the fabric
5. Beyond the surface [to a new aesthetics]
6. Nostalgia between tradition and postmodernism
7. Reinvention of the city

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