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Hic habito

Viena, Austria
Authors: arch. Ana - Maria Machedon, artist Cristina David / arh. Ana-Maria Machedon

Authors’ Comment

The project Hic Habito (I dwell here) is part of the Stopover – Ways of Temporary Exchange Exhibition that took place from 22.09 to 25.11.2017, in Frei_raum Gallery, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna. The central theme of the exhibition concentrated on movement and cultural exchanges in Europe, with Vienna as a meeting point between East and West.
Hic Habito is a manifesto about the life of artists. Very often they have to dwell and create in precarious conditions, contrasting with the prestigious museums or galleries where their masterpieces are exposed.
The visual artist Cristina David lived during the two months of exhibition, in an apartment built inside the gallery, designed especially for her by the architect Ana-Maria Machedon. The goal wasn’t to expose the artist but to offer her the comfort of living in a generous space, downtown Vienna. Cristina was also able to interact directly with her public.
The apartment is made of salmon-pink neoprene hanging and tensed from the vault of the gallery with catfish fishing wires. Cristina is also a scuba diver and a marine biology passionate.

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