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  • Nomination for the “Architecture, Interventions, and Public Spaces” section


Seul, Coreea de Sud
Authors: arch. Brîndușa Tudor, arch. Anca Cioarec, arch. Vlad Stoica / Stardust architects*
Collaborators: Atelier Vast
Cătălin Matei / sillyconductor
Cezar Șomîtcă / Les Ateliers Nomad

Authors’ Comment

Topophilia is the result of the architecture competition organized by The Romanian Chamber of Architects (OAR) for the Romanian stand at the International Union of Architects Congress that took place in September 2017 in Seoul.
The pavilion responds to the general theme of the congress, Soul of City, proposing an immersive experience in a place where one might sense the soul of Bucharest: the Văcărești Nature Park. Starting from the dialogue between Marco Polo and Kubilai Han in the invisible cities described by Italo Calvino, the place is revealed through sounds, scents, objects, plants, movements and breezes. The exhibits could be grouped in two categories: objects of the place and a panoramic audio-video recording. They needed some kind of spatial autonomy, so we proposed a cube in the cube, the inner one being the place of the projection, and the intermediate space being the place of the objects. Between them we needed a translucent skin that could work as a projection screen, as well as a window to the objects.

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