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BBP Totems

București, România
Authors: arch. Emil Burbea-Milescu, arch. Oana Gabriela Iacob, Radu Ponta, Alexandra Zăgan, Elena Moisesc / REPUBLIC OF ARCHITECTS
Collaborators: Executant: Krautz Production
Fotografii: Dafina Jeacă

Authors’ Comment

We enjoyed designing the totems of the well known Bucharest Business Park. Rather inertial, we used corten® in order to accentuate the reddish nuances of the building.
Furthermore, we emphasised the idea of flexibility of any office building – where the tennants come and leave periodically – by proposing an ordering grid, which permits future permutations. By letting this grid transparent, the sight can pass through the thick layers of metal sheet and activate a dynamic perception of the rectangular object.
The main totem from the DN1 highway adopts a similar demateriazing techique. In this case we used the same grid for the night lighting to mark the acces to the office building.
We thank CA Immo for this opportunity!

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