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PopUP Răspiua - mobile inclusive playground

București, România
Authors: arch. Iris POPESCU, arch. Mihaela ȘERBAN, Sabrina AHMAD / Rhizome
Collaborators: Comunicare: Ioana Enache (AMAis)
Consultanță: Alexandra Anastasiu (AMAis)
Consultanță: Alexandru Cucu (AMAis)
Identitate vizuala: Vlad Stoica (WHP)
Producție: Sorin Chirica (Nod Makerspace)
Producție: Sorina Dumitru (Hubs)
Producție: Simina Fillat
Voluntar special: Tudor Albu


Authors’ Comment

“Răspiua” is an AMAIs initiative aimed at making public playgrounds accessible. This implies: research, design and promoting the inclusive principles. PopUP Răspiua, the second project part of the main initiative, proposes a contact platform between typical and disabled children, represented by a mobile playground. It is more abstract, therefore stimulating the children’s imagination through use of basic geometric figures, various textures and modular delimitations. Stimulating the sensory perception helps develope cognitive capacities, locomotory abilities and social interaction. The multi-sensory approach facilitates the interaction between children with various disabilities/abilities. PR is made out of armors and forts/pillboxes. They represent modular interconnectable and multi-purpose geometrical shapes, designed to stimulate children to come up with playful scenarios and to get involved hands-on in configuring the playground. Forts are a recurrent element in the ludic history, separating the world of imagination from the reality of adulthood. The whole space is designed to offer an equal start to everyone, each assuming his/her own ludic identity.

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