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Bird restaurant

Authors: st.arch. Alexandra Burecu, st.arch. Alexandra Corina Lungu
Collaborators: Ștefan SWART Vasile
Roxana Bâra

Authors’ Comment

We started from the idea of ​​an egg to which the birds would return as if they were in an native place to give them safety. Even if it's just a feeding / watering and not a bird house, we thought they should be safe from predators, being a vulnerable moment and looking good and having an interesting figure. We wanted to work with wood, a material close to the nature of the birds, so we created two plywood trays in which we took out profiles, where to put food or water, bound together with plywood ribbons and two branches of the tree , the whole ensemble supported on a three-legged tripod made of oxidized copper pipes, crowning two ceramic birds.