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Dining table

Author: arch. Radu Teacă / Artline
Collaborators: arh. Andrei Teacă
arh. Peter Marx
Executant: Tudor Migia (Publimpres)

Authors’ Comment

The dining table was first conceived as a transparent glass top sustained by a curved surface generated by oxidized steel bars, which not only gives a visual tension but also offers structural stability. In the realized variant we adopted the coexistence of two materials which are also complementary from a sensorial and aesthetic point of view: wood and oxidized steel in the form of steel strips.
Concerning composition and materiality, the object accumulates tensions which generate a vibration through the antithesis between the solid oak wood and the metallic structure but also between the cartesian rectangularity of the top and the dynamic, rhythmic movement of the steel strips.
The complex geometry of the metallic supports is determined by two sinusoidal curves, at the base of the table and at the top, which are mirrored in order to provide structural stability. The use of wide steel strips, which are rotated also in their longitudinal axis in relation to the base curve, contributes to a dynamic graduation of transparency, the base of the table being perceived differently according to the position of the beholder.

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