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  • Prize of the “Object Design” section (ex aequo)


Author: arch. Justin Baroncea – coordonator general / I'M UAU
Collaborators: Cristina Ginara, Alexandru Ivanof, Ioana Naniș, Andra-Maria Mîndru, Emanuel Birtea, Doriana Mărășoiu, Mihaela Butoi, Ioana Trușcă, Viorel Niculae, Mircea Constantin, Almalux

Authors’ Comment

The (RE)ST project stemmed from a visit to a deposit. This time, a deposit belonging to Almalux, found on Bucharest’s belt motorway.
We visited a production hall for illumination devices.
Any assembly line produces “waste” as well, scraps and pieces remnant after the assembling, cutting and wrapping processes are completed. In the same place one can also find long shelves jammed with different components and various illumination devices about to be commercialized. Electrical mechanisms, cables, metal joints.
To put it simply, everything that could be used as didactic material for a practical course about object design was already gathered up in a single place.
Knowing this, an idea came up. The idea to organize a series of workshops with U.A.U.I.M. students, using the pieces provided by Almalux and under the supervision of technicians from the factory. Even from the get-go, one of the workshop’s main goals was to exclude any intention of “style” from the design process. We tried to emphasize the inner expression of each solution for articulating different pieces and the general optimization of the “construction”.
Shadows and screws + components pieced together and suspended from the ceiling + mechanics and electricity – workshop subjects.

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