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Authors: arch. Ștefan Păvăluță, arch. Mihaela Bordeianu / MBSP
Collaborators: Autor: Stefan Pavaluta, Mihaela Bordeianu

Authors’ Comment

The project aims to reintegrate wicker interlacing, a craft that is being practiced less and less on Romanian territory, in a contemporary design object characterized by mobility and versatility in the relation of the user to the home, an object defined by multifunctionality: basket / storage space / table.
The object is versatile - it can be used in living rooms, balcony, but also in the bathroom, eventually and outdoors. Even if wicker is in its natural shape, the metal frame can be finished in colors and maybe, why not, different textures. Market potential increases directly in proportion to the usage patterns of the object. I think that this project, as well as the rest of the objects, are some resultant, or rather, conclusions of studies, researches, questions. Our approach relies heavily on studying behavior, daily needs / habits, our needs.
We have agreed that authenticity lies in the process of manufacturing, not in the reuse of existing traditional elements, later called design. Wickedness, for us, fits perfectly into what we were looking for, and the contest was the perfect pretext to centralize these ideas and materialize them in a project.

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