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1989 - Set of water carafe and glasses

Author: arch. Dragos Motica / Ubikubi

Authors’ Comment

In 1989, Romania changed from a communist society into a society aiming for capitalism. This was reflected in the local product design. By the end of 1989, in Romania, any object of "design", no matter if it was an object of furniture or a household object, became iconic through the lack of alternatives. Today, the definition of an iconic object refers to the ubiquity of that product.
‘1989’ is inspired by the iconic returnable bottle of milk from the communist times. Through a change of function, the bottle of milk became a water carafe, accompanied by a glass. Drinking water from a carafe has more to do with the pleasure of the gesture and with having better control over the amount of water we drink, than it has to do with the need itself. We tried to improve the bottle from an ergonomic perspective by making the neck of the bottle longer, making it easier to handle without altering too much the "iconic" shape. The engraved horizontal lines mark the amount of water in the recipients.

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