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Coffee table

Author: arch. Radu Teacă / Artline
Collaborators: arh. Andrei Teacă
Executant: Tudor Migia (Publimpres)

Authors’ Comment

The coffee table was conceived following the principle of sincerity in the use of materials, leaving them in a natural state, being composed of a solid oak wood top and oxidized steel legs, both materials being chosen for their quality in aging well. Both the stereotomy of the wooden top and the placement of the steel corner drawers display the diagonal-based composition of the table, which was adjusted to the configuration of the corner sofa.
The structure, composed of two intersecting thin rectangular steel tubes, joined in a cross shape, permitted the creation of the cantilevered corners of the table, which generates the sensation of a levitating massive table top, and it determined the stereotomy of the top.

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