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B:MAD Bucharest Modernism Art Deco
  • Nomination for the “Research through Architecture / Architecture and Experiments” section

B:MAD Bucharest Modernism Art Deco

Authors: inițiator și coordonator proiect Dragoș Dogaru, arh. Mihaela Criticos, arh. Adrian Ciocăzanu
Firm: Asociația Igloo Habitat și Arhitectură

Manager și co-fondator proiect: arh. Adrian Ciocăzanu
Director creativ și co-fondator proiect: Dragoș Dogaru
Consultant științific: arh. Mihaela Criticos
Consultant de proiect: arh. Françoise Pamfil
Coordonator comunicare: Gabriela Tîrlie
Coordonator media și Pr: Eliza Vlădescu
Design grafic materiale editoriale: Alexandru Șchiopu, Cătălin Artenie
Ilustrație: Doriana Mărășoiu
Traducere: Anca Rotar
General secretary: Andreea Amzoiu
Procesare imagine, DTP: Cristian David
Proiect demarat în: 2018 alfat în derulare în 2020
Proiect cultural cofinanțat de Ministerul Culturii și Identității Naționale prin Programul Centenar, Administrația Fondului Cultural Național, Primăria Municipiului București prin Expo Arte, Ordinul Arhitecților din România prin Timbrul de Arhitectură

Authors’ Comment

București/Bucharest: Modernism Art Deco 1920-1945

The cultural project Bucharest: Modernism Art Deco is Buchares instrument of knowledge and rediscovery, more precisely of one of its most beautiful and least explored facets, Art Deco Modernism.

Project B: MAD is initiated by the Igloo Habitat and Architecture Association and launched in November 2018 by
- The multimedia exhibition BUCHAREST: ART DECO MODERNISM, held at the Palace ofTelecommunication with the launch of the first guide to deco-modernist architecture in Bucharest, bz Igloo Media Publishing House, 2018
- „Bucharest / Bucharest: Modernism Art Deco 1920-1945. A visual guide to architecture. A Visual Guide to Architecture ”and the participatory photo archiving and mapping platform
-, which indexes a part of the Art Deco patrimony of Bucharest and includes in the map over 450 buildings.

Consistent in the direction of tourist promotion and digital accessibility of the architectural heritage, the project convinced through the following two achieved stages:
- creation of the first virtual Art Deco route with audio guides in Romanian and English “Bucharest: Art Deco and the Central Boulevards”, on the platform and application, launched within
- to the exhibition capsules of the same name B: MAD 2.0 at Romanian Design Week 2019, the subject being presented in detail in a documentary in the show DIGICULT on this occasion.
And a third that consists of:
- The exhibition and the eponymous album (being finalized) - B: MAD 3.0 „Bucharest - Art Deco City - rediscovery, contextualization, debate” projects supported by the Order of Architects of Romania from the architectural stamp

Previous exhibition achievements:
- an exhibition, organized in November 2019, in the Exhibition Space of UAUIM and further
- traveled to Cluj in August 2020

B: MAD aims to improve the perception and valorization of the Modernist Art Deco architecture in the Romanian capital, offers the opportunity to debate and problematize the relevant aspects and aims to expand the pilot case to other cities.

The exhibitions recreates in a multimedia concept (photo, video, audio), through monumental and detailed photographic elements, the striking contrasts between modernist Bucharest and the social context captured by historical frames, and through contemporary photographers we offer the image of architectural programs, stylistic variants and Art Deco language elements. These junctions give us the scale and detail of this modern interwar Bucharest, a Bucharest of wide boulevards and tall buildings.

The B: MAD approach integrates offline content, online, social networks, youtube,
All these activities, accompanied by exhibitions, conferences and collateral debates aim at digital accessibility, tourist activation and capitalization of the impressive deco-modernist heritage of Bucharest.
The project is addressed to the general public interested in heritage and multimedia exhibitions, and also to the specialized public - architects, urban planners, designers, artists and people of culture, as well as students in the field.

The results of the 3 project stages, carried out in the last two years, the response of the specialized public and the general public and the coverage of the subject in the media (print, online, radio, television - Radio Guerilla, Radio Romania, RFI Romania, TVR, Pro TV , DIGI 24), the rapid dissemination of information through social networks and the address of civic responsibility provide the image of its remarkable potential.