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Authors: arh. Stefan Simion, arh. Irina Melita
Firm: Poster

Collaborators: Emil Burbea, Cristi Borcan, Cristi Bădescu, Emil Burbea (guest editor MZCH6) / Bogdan Botoi, Andreea Belmega, Teodor Biban, Amanda Bușe, Teodora Escu, Amalia Nedelcu, Delia Răpsigan, Ruxandra Sandovici, Catrina Ulici, Claudiu Ziderescu (editors team for MZCH6), Radu Tîrcă, Ștefania Hîrleață (MZCH5), Florian Stanciu, Cosmin Georgescu, Tudor Elian (guest editors for MZCH4), George Stănescu, Bianca Gavrilă, Iulia Tudosie (editors for MZCH1-MZCH4)

Authors’ Comment


is a vertical architectural laboratory, bringing together

MZCH conveys international visibility to the Romanian architectural debate scene, by inviting recognized architects and professors from around the world. We are grateful for answering to our invitations to all our respondents, among whom we can cite: Alberto Campo Baeza, Renato Rizzi, Jeannette Kuo, Akos Moravanszky, Luca Ortelli, Roberto Masiero, Carmelo Baglivo, Raphael Zuber, studio MUOTO, atelier Varavarn, MOS, etc.

_is an architectural internet journal born at the intersection of academia and practice. As such, MZCH
_deals with a single precise theme per issue.
_gathers synthetic texts of ~300 words as answers to polemical questions from personalities.
_is published online in its entirety and then printed.
_is an architectural studio of 2nd and 3rd year of study in UAUIM Bucharest.
_is a new platform for architectural conferences: Mazzocchioo_TALKS
_is an architectural debate platform, bringing Academia towards the practitioners: public magazine launch, architecture exhibition, Instagram curator for OAR Bucharest
_has been invited to the 17th VENICE BIENNIAL to curate an exhibition at IRCCU and produce its 7th issue on the theme “How will Migration change Architecture and the City?”

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