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The Edit Pop Up

The Edit Pop Up

Authors: Bogdan Ciocodeică

Authors’ Comment

In the last two decades we have witnessed a spectacular development of the accessories market addressed to the residential segment. These small furniture pieces and objects are meant to enrich our interiors and they often become key elements, both functionally and aesthetically. However, the multitude of options often becomes an obstacle in itself, requiring filtering and guidance.
As the name suggests, The Edit offers a curated selection of products from this diverse market segment, looking for new brands, analysing product portfolios and finally offering customers a carefully chosen collection.
An important element in communicating with customers, in addition to the campaigns and the online store, is also the direct contact with a representative selection of the collection. This is the main reason why a structurally flexible and easy to handle pop-up stand was created. The set of objects, that make up the stand, is inspired by the podiums and plynths of galleries and museums, emphasizing the basic curatorial concept. Both, the color and the simple and clear lines of the stand, are organically linked to the brand image, thus the stand becoming an architectural materialization of it.
Consisting of independent modular elements, which also offer closed storage spaces, the stand allows a large number of configurations, which can adapt to different spatial constraints and can become a versatile marketing instrument.