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Authors: Justin Baroncea, Andrei Angelescu, Emanuel Birtea, Iulia Panait, Ioana Capotă, Alexandru Voicu, Mihaela Butoi, Sabina Nechita
Firm: I'M UAU

Collaborators: UAUIM, Nanochem, Almalux, Caparol, Metal Creativ, Holver, Consola, The Plot

Authors’ Comment

Oxide, travertine, wood, red and tires.
Before reaching the monumental spiral staircase, you pass by 25 square meters of red flooring in the portico, underneath the tower, at the crossroads of Academiei and Edgar Quinet roads.
Window displays on three sides – in-between a bench, a table and a table-bench – there, you spot two trolleys and two dogs.
Boxes in a metal frame onto the only solid wall. Wheels assembled onto a metal grid in the main window display.
One year ago, illuminating devices workshop at the “Almalux” production factory. “WHITE” workshop followed by “GREEN” workshop. Rearranged leftovers on the ceiling hand over red epoxydic.
Wooden trolley manufactured “BETWEEN THE LINES”, strolled down Magheru to Verona and back, during Street Delivery.
25ML, PUCK, (RE)ST and BETWEEN THE LINES in the same fish tank. (Re)collected systems in the search for a micro_event, micro_exhibition, micro_installation dedicated spatial configuration about design, graphics, architecture, publication and crafting.
On the pillar, through the cypress, culinary produce, collected from the gym terrace, oxidized steel logo.

Red from Nanochem, white with lightbulbs from Almalux, white with no lightbulbs from Caparol, boxes from Metal Creativ. Lines from Holver, white plaster boards from Consola, prints from The Plot, white grids from PUCK.

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