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  • Prize of the “Interior Space Architecture / Exhibition and Scenography Design” section (ex aequo)


Authors: Cosmina Goagea, Justin Braoncea, Constantin Goagea
Firm: Zeppelin design

Cristina Ginara, Ioana Naniș, Andrei Angelescu, Emanuel Birtea, Alexandru Ivanof, Iulia Panait, Alexandru Voicu, Anastasia David Limona, Sonia Lascu

graphic design: Radu Manelici, Pren

Authors’ Comment

Anti-crisis solutions Collection

Mini golf and ultraviolet or how shuttlecocks fly over the banner.
Access protocol: Leave your bicycle in the bike rack made out of steel pipe and sealed with wooden bottle stoppers, pass along between the orange 30x90x90 frame trolley and orange 60x90x90 frame reception desk. Afterwards, go ahead and explore each outside game installation before entering the exhibition rooms.
Putters, paddles, balls, sand and poster “cranes”. Badminton banner and an “U” with five “craters”. All of them sit along four ping-pong tables in the same urban forayer at the CFP.
Advertisement-Games and physical distancing in between orange poster cranes equipped with led lamps and manufactured out of 30x90x90 frames and bearing wheels: “Bluemington” with shuttlecocks over the banner, “Unigolf” with only white golf balls in marked pockets, sandy “Petanque” with stainless steel and four kinds of “creative” ping-pong (tables which were manufactured following a student competition).
Orange “cranes” outside, orange tables, an orange “car” and an orange “bed” inside. Take note: both the “bed” and “car” were built with the help of those at “Baza”.
In the middle of the “Antifragile” exhibition you will find a dark blue wall carved by a wooden framed window. On one side of the wall a table and car made out of perforated boards carefully placed onto orange 60x90x90frames and a robot. An UVC sterilizing robot produced by “Modulab”.
*note: the orange frames were included on the recycled materials list, having been reused form previous RDW editions.

Jury Comments

Rigorous and consistent design - A single and simple gesture, although truly strong, solved the demands of the entire exhibition area. The contrast established by the grey line that surrounds the entire space and the exposed panels is intense and at the same time balanced. It is always difficult to achieve such a powerful impact. We find passion and joy in this work. We are concerned with sustainability by recycling existing and old metal structures. We found excellent and expressive drawings showing the concept / project, totally coherent with the Expository Project.

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