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POT Stories

POT Stories

Authors: arh. Andrei Victor Guțu, arh. Elena Viziteu (Ionescu
Firm: Andrei Guțu Studio + Viarchitecture

arh. Ioan Șoldănescu
arh. Mihaela Constantin
Client: POT Stories
Photo: Arthur Țintu

Authors’ Comment

POT.Stories fosters a new sense of identity and unity with nature, with a structure focused on the materiality of biological elements, integrating them in a multisensory process. Our current perceived isolation finds its "antidote" in the form of an "urban habitat" that prioritizes the present time and the stimulation of the senses as a refuge of individual experiences. The spatial coherence is given by the harmonization of architectural elements in a scenographic course: the fluid staircase, the volumetric wall and the consistency of the bar. The rope, the connecting element, is part of the significant fabric of the place. "Furnishing" the ceiling with rope, which mimics the skeleton of a ship, emphasizes height, changes the spatial scale, connects natural to artificial light and creates different contrasts between light and dark, mimicking the conditions of nature, while providing unity and structure. The pot, incorporated both in the name and in each function of the space, becomes the leitmotif of familiar perspectives, a pretext for social closeness.