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Caro Hotel
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / HoReCa Design” section

Caro Hotel

Authors: arh. Daniel Popescu, arh. Irina Stinghe, arh. Adela Voinea, arh. Ana-Maria Fotău-Cojocaru, arh. George Suru, arh. Romain Layet, arh. Oana Gîtlan
Firm: Fabrica de Arhitectura

Builder: Jolie Maison S.R.L. - Aurel Oprea
plumbing: S.C. General Lux Therm S.R.L.
Photo: Sabin Prodan
Text: arh. Alina Măldărescu
Client: SC Editura Adevarul SA

Authors’ Comment

Caro Hotel is located in a hospitality complex surrounding the former “Fabrica de glucoza” and it is, from an architectural and stylistic point of view, subdued to it. The former factory was built in the 1930s and still keeps its original brick facade. This context becomes vital in the architectural course. The interior design of the two rooms follows the exterior design line and works with the same materiality (brick veneer, black metal, wood), playing with an existing industrial style.
The inclination towards details (carved wood details, metal wires) comes from a secondary plan to tame the roughness in the materiality's appearance. The ensemble in itself becomes a rigorous hierarchy of texture, palpable, playing with how light is reflected as a primary compositional method.
The infrastructure that is needed for a hotel room grows into or is hidden behind various tricks which form the interior design: the video system is located behind a sliding marble wall, the audio system is promoted to a compositional element in itself, and the lighting fixtures form a geometrical shape network completing the framework as a last gesture. The perimeter glass panels closing the bathroom are transparent with the purpose of defragmenting the space, simultaneously serving their destination of delimiting the space with a possibility of transforming into an opaque surface (through liquid crystals glass).

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