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Champ Du Golf

Champ Du Golf

Authors: arh. Scarlat Alexandru, arh. Cosmin Mihai Cinieru, arh. Daniel Dumitrache
Firm: Arhitecturescu

Execuție mobilier: Atconcept

Authors’ Comment

Champ Du Golf is an interior golf club in Bucharest, Romania.

The brief was to accommodate 3 special units made out of sensors, image projectors, special indoor-turf and all the usual equipment for playing golf.
After presenting the concept to the client we agreed to do something different than a smoking jacket cigar club and focused on the feeling of something more familiar and cozy, something more fun, like playing video games with your friends in the living room, staying at the bar, watching your mates playing, relaxing on the sofa waiting for your turn, having fun, more like a feeling than actual shapes and lines.
One of the problems we had was that you would need some place for the golf-club to rest when you are playing, because the golf bag is too big and cumbersome, so we got our inspiration from the big curtains that rest on each side of the screen, we took the undulating pattern and continued it on the furniture, made from painted mdf, so it creates a hard resting place for the club.
The color palette and materials were inspired by the natural environment of a real golf course, combined with soft textures and textiles. Lighting was integrated in the overall design of the furniture that separates the 3 main units so you feel integrated but at the same time comfortable that you are not bothered by other players.
We agreed to keep the open plan of the floor and build everything out of furniture with minimal intervention to the layout of the building, this made the process easier and less time consuming for everybody on the site.
The reception is located on the ground floor and the open plan playing area is located on the first floor, a big room with the 3 units, separated by furniture used for storage and display, which also hides all the equipment.

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