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Terrace by the pool

Terrace by the pool

Authors: arh. Claudia Ileana Trufaș
Firm: citrus studio

Client: Hotel Radisson Blu
Aristocool Restaurant & Bar
Specialist & executant metal: Atelier Moldoveanu

Authors’ Comment

In connection with the swimming pool, the terrace located in the inner courtyard of the Radisson Blu Hotel on Calea Victoriei, functions as an elegant urban oasis, in one of the most effervescent areas of the city. It does not benefit from the visibility given by the crowded boulevard, but it was thought as a space away from the intense noise, an airy and elegant corner, with a lively, contemporary air. The outdoor terrace belongs to Aristocool, the restaurant-bar in the hotel lobby.
Brass and metal are recurring elements in all exterior design, being a common denominator with the rest of the interventions and interior renovations in the hotel lobby.

The concept starts from the idea of simulating vegetation, but does not aim to recreate a garden; the central pieces of the arrangement are, in fact, interpretations of the green elements, reproduced in metal.
The delimitation of the terrace is made by a winding planter with various species of plants, whose sinuous shape turns it into a strong landmark within the ensemble; it is decorated with 365 brass pipes, like stylized trunks, of different diameters, processed and mounted individually on the concrete support.
The silhouettes of artificial metal trees line up in parallel with the planter. The three-dimensional effect is given by repeating the same flat, stylized section of a tree segment around a central core.
The access and reception area is dominated by a decorative element, such as a totem, made of metal and brass.

The general plan thus acquires a personalized zoning and a hierarchy of architectural elements, over which the furniture will overlap.
The latter is chosen in a color range in harmony with the garden (green, beige) but also introduces a strong color accent (red, maroon), as a reference of the sunset colors.
The terrace has a South-West orientation; the sunsets, here, are reflected in the golden elements, they are taken over, reflected and amplified by the surface of the water and thus, this secluded space of a pseudo-garden becomes the scene of a spectacle of lights and glitters.

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