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Brick House

Brick House

Authors: arh. Calin Radu, arh. Dan Enache, arh. Andrei Alexa, arh. Alice Ionita

Structure project: Ing. Paul Ionescu, Ing. Andrei Tudor (INTERACTIVE DESIGN)
Arhitectura peisajera: Arh. Peisagist Alexandru Gheorghe (POTECA STUDIO)
Photo: Arthur ZINZ

Authors’ Comment

A rather small plot of land, only 240 sqm, located in the northern part of Bucharest, with very close and not at all attractive neighborhoods.

Although it is a collective housing building, it is addressed to a single family, composed of three generations.
The basement and the ground floor have shared functions: swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, family living room and kitchen;
The upper floors host three independent apartments and are in the cantilever of the ground floor like some bricks placed one on top of the other, apparently random.
The plot of land being quite small and with very close neighbors, we developed some long cursive balconies on two sides of the house, which are bordered almost the entire length by planters, generating an urban planter.
Looking at the main facade from the street, you feel the tension of these volumes in the console and to emphasize this tension we opted for a dark finish, dark gray fiber cement boards, which have the layout of brickwork, but increased in scale, so that it could be observed from a greater distance.