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  • Nomination for the “Social and Cultural Architecture” section

Alba Iulia Church

Alba Iulia, jud. Alba, România
Author: arch. Dorin Ștefan / D.S.Birou de arhitectura srl
Collaborators: arhitectura: Ciprian Manda (DSBA), Bogdan Chipara (DSBA), Anda Stefan (DSBA), Adrian Arendt (DSBA),
inginer: Ioan Zagaican (Zgroup ),
pictor: Ioan Popa,
sculptor: Virgil Scripcariu,
mobilier George Macovescu,
preot Jan Nicolae
ctitor: Ioan Popa (Transavia)
fotografii: Laurian Ghinitoiu, Anda Stefan, Jan Nicolae

Authors’ Comment

The church that we have proposed reminds us of the evolution over time of the religious buildings, from the geometrical simplicity of the basilical-plans to the later complexity of curved walls and addition of naves and niches.
The layout of the church begins with a rectangular shape and curves-out, as it gets higher. Symbolically, the layout of the church is based on the 12 number module: it has 12m wide, 12m height and 24m length. It is designed, as a resonance box, inside-which the mistery is preserved. Just like the churches from the time of Stephan the Great (15 century), the mystical experience is continued on the exterior by paintings on the walls. The lighting is made through slim horizontal cuts in the cornish, so that the walls are continuous.

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