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Smile Academy Dental Practice

Galați, jud. Galați, România
Author: arch. Ina Elena Stoian / shiftspace
Collaborators: Arhitectură: arh. Raluca Popa, arh. Andrei Guțu, stud. arh. Raluca Primejdie, stud. arh. Andrei Grigore (Shifspace SRL)
Structura: ing. Cristian Petcu (Estacons SRL)
Instalatii: ing. George Lăzărescu (ZAL Investments SA)

Authors’ Comment

We started to design the building in 2011. The project and the construction site were coordinated by our practice during the urbanism, architecture and interior design stages. The draft of the design was ready in about one month, but we needed about one year and nine months to have the construction approvals. The work on the building site began in the spring of 2013 and it was a real challenge for 3 teams of workers who were not familiar with the architects' visits on the building site. The construction lies on 250sqm, comprising technical basement, technical space, radiology and dental laboratory on the basement, waiting room, bathroom, sterilization, 4 individual surgeries on the ground floor and individual office and locker room for doctors each having its own bathroom on the first floor. The shape of the building as well as the functional solution were influenced by the narrow site, its position and special requirements imposed by the medical function. The working spaces are looking onto the private area to be protected against the noise and heavy traffic of the crossroad and to fully benefit from constant light coming from the north and vegetation too. The office upstairs overlooks the town, the lockers overlook the residential area and the waiting room overlooks the small garden.

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