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Câmpina, jud. Prahova, România
Authors: arch. Liviu ZĂGAN, Costin BEEKMAN, arch. Alina MARIN, arch. Anca IONESCU, arch. Alexandra NICOLAU / PZP Arhitectura
Collaborators: ALU Design
Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

Kern is an alloy-probe of a human-scale geological drill. The concept is based on the architecture theme itself, a laboratory in which to store all existing and future cores of Romania. Therefore, the shape, size and facade texture, the building is illustrated as a museum - library of cores that strives for curiosity and becomes a landmark of the town of Câmpina. The façade’s telluric dimension recalls the shape of the materials from which the core was extracted : layers of earth, stone schist.

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