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  • Prize of the “Social and Cultural Architecture” section


Tătaru - Chilia Veche, jud. Tulcea, România
Authors: arch. Esenghiul Abdul, arch. Claudia Trufaș, arch. Christian Andres Beros Contreras / BEROS ABDUL +
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Florin Cimpanu (Estacons SRL)
Instalații: ing. Florin Mihailov (Mavca Stuf SRL)

Authors’ Comment

The assembly of buildings is part of the project "Setting-up an ecological mechanism for inmates" that addresses the inmates who are coming from a disadvantaged environment , with a low level of education and aims to facilitate their access to rehabilitation programs, providing them with new skills in niche crafts such as construction, carpentry, boats building, wickery and pottery. The first stage of this project was the construction of the workshops, which will host the qualification courses later on.
This exercise aimed to be a model for the local constructions and cover a wide spread of techniques and materials; each building uses a different composition of materials: a mixed system of 2 layers of adobe bricks with reed bundles in between, wood batten enclosures filled with sheep wool or reed, the roofs being all made in reed.
The importance of architecture in this specific project is not the building itself but is how architecture can contribute in building a healthier, respectful and moreover ecological society, understanding ecology not in a green centered preconception, but in a wider view, in which we are part of a complex system that needs to be maintained in a respectful equilibrium.

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