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Wellness Center in Bucharest

Balotești, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Adrian Spirescu / Concept funcțional: Wund Unternehmensgruppe Proiectant general: Carpati proiect
Collaborators: Arhitectura: arh.Marina Raicopol, arh.Lucia Mat,
arh.Ruxandra Iordan, arh.Cosmin Popa
Structura: ing.Dorin Lazăr, ing.Helmut Kober, ing. Alexandru Boangher

Authors’ Comment

The outlines of the buildings are perceived from the national road DN1, right on km 20, at a distance of about 1 km from road, and include spaces for rest, relaxation and sport. Volumes extend over a gross area of 22,500 sqm, in a harmonious complex. Our intention was to connect the interests of the residents from north of Bucharest, Snagov and the city of Ploiesti and involved exploring a fantasy world, where body and spirit seem to be part of a single whole.
The element of water, the vegetation, the light are instruments of composition. Water in its various forms ( indoor pools and outdoor wave pools, hammam bathsetc), invites you to experience sensory dimensions. Natural and artificial light, the water rippling, the vegetation (palm trees, orchids, etc.), the controlled temperature and humidity, all create an unique setting for those who are inside and outside the designed spaces .
Light is an ally. The wellness center - "Therme" design project is defined by the presence of water and nature enhanced by light: natural and artificial, it floods smoothly through mobile glass ceiling and glass walls. Light emphasize the architectural details.
The structure of the buildings is sized and studied carefully. Height and flexibility of structure is identified with the strains of trees / palm trees.

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