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Dental clinic TRIDENT

București, România
Authors: arch. Cristina Sîrbu, arch. Cristina Răchitan-Gabrea / S.C. ARCHITECTURE & ART STUDIO
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Mircea Neacsu ( S.C. INCONA)
Instalatii:S.C. VDB DYNASTY

Authors’ Comment

The TRIDENT dental clinic project represents a first in this area of architecture in Romania, both through its architectural approach and also by its technical endowment.
The urban and architectural studies of that specific area reviled a number of limitations and constraints, which in the end, created the premises of an interesting architectonic volume.
This building was visioned to be a modern one, with a specific architecture, which can express its functionality and also a point of reference in this domain.
Thus, all these elements became a part of the creation process, generating a sculptural and dynamic shape, volume.
The finishes support the same idea, of elegance and respect for the area and for the building itself.
The visual journey is a supported by the transparency of the spaces- the ground floor is transparent in the main facade, the public access. The dental spaces receive natural light through the large windows placed in the main facade. By using mainly glass in the public spaces, the idea of communication between the interior and exterior space, the private and public space is defined.

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