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  • Nomination for the “Architecture and Public Space – Public Space Actions” section

“Panses and houses ” _art structures

București, România
Author: arch. Flavia Roșu / RFM Birou Individual de Arhitectura
Collaborators: Scoala Generala Nr. 31, Sector 2, București; prog Chiorean Gabriela;
Studenti arhitecti anul III si IV, UAUIM, București

Authors’ Comment

Pansies and houses_ Alternate school_ 2016
PHD, lecturer, Arch. Flavia Maria ROSU
Pansies and houses is a learning experiment, dedicated to first class pupils, being structured on the notions accumulated by them at Mats and Environment Exploration (planet, nature, life, animals and human behavior, recycling, green energies). Seeing architectural education like a “delicate ecology”, and use architecture as a pretext, we can find a complex way to put in practice the theoretical achievements, train conscious and unconscious mental level of these kids and help the coordination between soul and mind, by working with hands in the context of art. Based on antagonistic elements: past/ future, natural /artificial environment, good and evil, the objective of this course is to search for: loving nature, curiosity for knowledge, concentration, spatial intelligence, lateral view, creativity and, why not, for some pertinent answers regarding the present crises of humanity. By using recycle, usual materials, we invite kids to express, invent, and joy, even if the reality does not always allow them to shine at their maximum potential. And …WHAT A HAPPINESS STARTED! These extraordinary kids!

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