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[WK]1628042016.Viaggio in Italia.Chasing Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities

roma, italia
Author: arch. Ana - Maria Crișan / CULTURE RESERVE (ONG)
Collaborators: Alexandru Crisan, Ioana Turcanu, Vlad Eftenie

Authors’ Comment

Chasing Italo Calvino's invisible cities is a thematic workshop crossed the Italian peninsula during two weeks discovering architectures that inspired novelist. Divided into 2 parts, the workshop is part of the analysis in situ 'along the peninsula and applied modeling that some models in order recreation architectures invisible in the shadows.
The workshop is hiding behind a visualization exercise plans and their relationships with light, exercise and handling fill the gap in relation to a source of light and movement.
A number of references were essential in addressing exercise, directly related to the world of theater through the play of light and shadow ... because the ultimate Italo Calvino's world is a world theatrical repetition and movement.
Architecture is perceived as shadow borrowed from commedia dell'arte, becoming a character in itself, an architecture that moves, increase, decrease, turns, paradoxically based on improvisation.

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