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  • Prize of the “Architecture and Public Space – Public Space Actions” section

Gârleanu Living Room

București, România
Authors: arch. Cristian - Daniel Borcan, arch. Alexandru Axinte / studioBASAR
Collaborators: Participanți Atelier de Idei „Timpuri Noi în Acțiune”: Andrei Alb, Iulia Radion, Maria Daria Oancea, Andrada Bulai, Cristi Stoian
Voluntari Atelier de Lucru „Construim Gârleanu”: Andrei Suhan, Matei David, Anca Marin, Anca Râpeanu, Cristina Popovici, Luminița Cruceanu, Andrei Staicu

Authors’ Comment

During ideas workshop stage of “Urban Spaces in Action” project, several scenarios were drafted by the participant students. One of these scenarios developed further the partnership with the Bucharest Metropolitan Library, a public cultural institution with an existing network of spaces within the neighbourhoods.
This scenario was put into practice by organizing a 2 weeks action, mapping the users’ community from “Emil Gârleanu” library for children and youth in Timpuri Noi neighbourhood. The action aimed consulting the library’s users about their functional and spatial options for the layout of the public space in the library’s vicinity.
Following the users vision of transforming the library into a domestic space, we extended the library on the sidewalk with a Living Room. The structure was prefabricated in the workshop and finalized with the volunteers’ help. The Living Room was inaugurated during a public event organized for children. The structure was taken over by the library, and welcomed in guests who transformed the sidewalk from a car’s annex into a public space, a playground and a meeting place.

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