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  • Nomination for the “Architecture and Public Space – Public Space Actions” section

10 Minutes Mayor

București, România
Authors: curator Raluca Voinea, arch. Ștefan Ghenciulescu – Curator, arch. Constantin Goagea – Design pavilion, arch. Cosmina Goagea – Coordonare cercetare, artist Daniela Pălimariu – Design și program pavilion, Iuliana Dumitru – Cercetare, program pavilion, arch. Mihai Duțescu – Interviuri, reportaje / Goethe Institut + + Zeppelin
Collaborators: Film documentar: Vlad Petri
Echipa Goethe Institut: Evelin Hust, director, Oana Lăpădatu, Coordonatoare Programe Culturale: Muzică & Arte vizuale
Colaboratori: Matei Popescu, Sorina Dumitru – construcție pavilion; Dragoș Dragnea, arhitect; Claudiu Forgaci, arhitect - cercetare

Authors’ Comment

Be a Mayor for 10 minutes!
A participative action in the frame of the project “Actopolis. The Art of Action/ Bucharest-South. Make your Own City!”
The South of Bucharest is hidden, difficult to reach and with social and infrastructural inequalities – yet it is alsoassorted, with good and live places and with a discreet, albeit authentic potential...maybe a suitable ground for another kind of urban visions and for a responsible imagination exercise.
We played, imagining the southern part of Bucharest becoming a city in itself. IN may, we installed a mobile mayor office in three public spaces in the area. Passersby were invited to become mayors for a short mandate. They took an oath, they received a scarf and a stamp, and then had to take hard decisions. At the end, they received a diploma.
Their propositions, questions and ideas will be analyzed and published – a possible sketch of a a future Bucharest-South.
The pavilion will be remounted in Belciugatele village, near Bucharest. Archipera Assocation develops with and for the Roma community there a participative social architecture program. The construction will become part of a dwelling for a family struggling with extreme poverty.

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