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Capitol Hub

București, România
Authors: arch. Andrei Racovițan – lider de proiect // arhitect // PR & social media, Cristina Popa – editor // analist media // designer web și print / Save or Cancel
Collaborators: Racovițan Lucian, Grigorescu Dimitrie, Dămoc Ana

Authors’ Comment

Save or Cancel proposes an awareness campaign and sensibilization about national cultural heritage, with application on Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre, revealing its potential as an independent cultural hub. 100 years after being built, an open call for art projects will activate the collective memory, reintegrate the monument in the public circuit through democratic reinterpretations of urban space as cultural space, while exploring the links between art, nature and the city.
UAUIM’s study for Bucharest European Capital of Culture 2021 Strategy identifies areas that have hosted temporary social-cultural functions and CAPITOL Cinema/Summer Theatre is noted in cat. C. Potential Spaces for cultural/creative re-activation, observing the independent cultural events organized by Save or Cancel there in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2014.
Arguments for CAPITOL - located in an area known for creative activities; a national heritage monument: architect Nicolae Nenciulescu (1916) and architect Delavrancea Henrieta (1938); capable of networked connections with other independent hubs.

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