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The posibility of an urban garden

București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandra Laura Stoica, Márk Lóránt Mihat, Konrad Mihat / Calup
Collaborators: Make your own salad:

Authors’ Comment

Day by day we pass forgotten gardens, which cannot be accessed because of legal or proprietary issues. Bucharest is a slacker in green space per capita, so it's time such unused land to be taken under public care and revitalizing them as public spaces.
At the invitation Street Delivery 2016 we wanted to open the Decoflora garden as a natural continuation of Icoanei Garden , on the other side of Verona street. Our intention was to propose a weekend of urban gardening as a possible solution for unused gardens. Because of legal dispute surrounding part of the property all access is restricted, as in too many other cases. So we rethought the Calup intervention as a pop-up pavilion to allow the possibility of urban gardens and open dialogue on this topic.
Proposed actions:
• to give a signal to emphasize the importance of urban green spaces
• start of a participatory campaign on mapping such unused gardens
• workshop for finding strategic solutions to reactivate unused gardens
• Make Your Own Salad culinary experiment.

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