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TBI: youth, city and heritage

Idrija, Slovenia
Authors: arch. Ina Elena Stoian, sociologist Matevž Straus, arch. Iztok Hvala, Răzvan Zamfira, urb. Irina Pața, arch. Lucian Sandu-Milea, arch. Magda Vladimirescu, Oana Pavăl, arch. Predrag Milic, arch. Margarita Nutfulina, philosopher Viktor Hildebrand, sociologist Viktoria Remetzova, eng. Juan Orozco, sociologist Andra Croitoriu, arch. Alexandra Ardeleanu / Asociația PlusMinus, Mladinski Center Idrija, 4citizens

Authors’ Comment

Idrija is a small Slovenian town with aprox. 7000 inhabitants. Out of respect for its history, the former mining town has inscribed both its historic city centre and the heritage of the former mercury mine into the Unesco heritage list. The mine buildings are currently unused but there is interest in identifying a proper use for them. A group of young Slovenians has organised an international and interdisciplinary workshop were 15 young professionals along with architecture students from Ljubljana have contributed with ideas for the development of the city. At the final event, the output of a 3 months online work has been presented in a public exhibition organised in the main mine shaft building. The entrance to the mine, the clocking and the cloakrooms have been transformed into an exhibition space filled with data and ideas about the future of the mine and the city. Sequence of exhibits: orthophoto, scale model of the city, problem analysis, city level connection proposals, collection of 60 projects resulting from the workshop (organized in a Mendeleev like chart) and an art installation created out of found miners objects. Outside we have organised a presentation, a round table and a concert. The exhibition is open to the public until the end of July.

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